Tips for Dealing

In theory – The holidays should be a happy time, to celebrate and relax with friends and family; but all too often, we find too much stress instead.

What makes holiday time more stressful?

The fast pace, noise, the disruption in a regular schedule can add up to too much stimulation. Family get-togethers typically come with too many people, too much noise, and too much food. There are a lot of changes to children’s routines during the holidays, from visits from unfamiliar relatives to traveling, from an influx of sweets to over-scheduled days and late bedtimes.

For our TLC students, this can also be a challenging time for parents because often you are stressed, overwhelmed, and have a lot to think about and manage (e.g. presents, dinner, seeing family, traveling, pleasing everyone, and having your child home for an extended home visit).
Another potential contributor to the stress is the expectations that parents and students have for the holiday vacations, especially if the expectations between the parents and students do not match up. 

Some Ideas & Quick Tips

Prepare in Advance and Provide Rehearsal
Plan carefully
Bring activities
Set Time Limits
Stay Calm