Candidate Profile

Eligible Candidates:

Age range 5 – 22
Mode Age 15
Intellectual capability level 
(see exclusionary criteria)
Self-regulation deficits associated with sensory issues
Clinical issues include one or
more of the following:
Mood disorder
Anxiety disorder
Impaired attention and concentration
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Asperger Syndrome (International Criteria for Disease 10/11 criteria)
Lacks age-appropriate social skills and judgment
School avoidance
Specific learning disabilities
Social communication (pragmatics) disorder (SCD)
Asperger syndrome (1CD 10 – 11 criteria)

Strengths include:

Ability to demonstrate cause and effect reasoning
Ability to respond to behavior management
Able to be redirected when problem behaviors occur
Able to use non verbal and verbal prompts for self-control and redirection
Willing to apply response to consistent interventions to support behavior such as self-direction, time off, and sensory breaks
Interested to use options to obtain a diploma
Able to participate in therapeutic process of individual and group dyads
Consistent family involvement in education and treatment
Visiting resources for time away from school

Exclusionary Criteria:

Intellectual Developmental Disorder, Severe or Profound, based on a history of ongoing assessment, and specified by Conceptual, Social and Practical Domains (Rosa’s Law, Public Law 111-256)
Psychotic disorder
Active drug or alcohol use
Aggressive/assaultive behaviors requiring restraint or aversive methods
Conduct disorder (DSM-V criteria which include: lack of regard for the rights of others, no remorse, cruelty to animals, fire-starter, targets persons and bullies and threatens others, etc.)
Requires routine physical intervention to control behaviors and maintain safety
Borderline Personality Disorder
Pattern of elopement behaviors, currently demonstrated
Fire setting history
Sexual perpetrator by history
Intermittent explosive disorder (across settings by history)

Learning Characteristics

Average to High IQ
Specific Learning Disabilities
Pragmatic Language Deficits
Executive functioning deficits
Writing difficulties
Reading comprehension difficulties
Unreliable self estimation
Difficulties managing classroom routine


Day and residential programs are co-ed