Greenhouse Program

TLC’s Greenhouse program began in the spring of 2015 with the completion of a 2,800 square foot greenhouse and the school’s community gardens. Participating students experience the curricular, therapeutic and vocational aspects of horticulture. Activities include growing seasonal flowers, cultivating and processing hydroponically grown vegetables for residential houses, seasonal sales at local farmer’s markets, and performing landscaping functions around campus.

There are many education facets of the greenhouse that can be utilized by all students.  Older students learn vocational agriculture skills that directly relate to job experience; while younger learn the basics of gardening practices and plant science.

All students involved in the greenhouse program participate in seeding, transplanting, pollination, and outdoor gardening.  There are also six hydroponic systems where we grow fresh produce for the residential houses.  The students are involved in all aspects of these systems including taking readings, adding nutrients, and harvesting the final crop.

The students take pride in the work in the greenhouse, knowing that they are responsible for the beautiful flowers that decorate the campus and the fresh produce that is sent to the residential houses.