Performing arts

The Performing Arts Program integrates music, theater, and technology into a curriculum designed to enhance students’ knowledge, appreciation, and participation. We use state of the art equipment for video and voice recording. Students are encouraged to participate in performances throughout the year to showcase their hard work and talent in Performing Arts.  Drama students begin the audition process for the annual drama production in late fall, culminating in a final performance during the spring.


Introduction to Acting

This class is an introduction to the practices of acting, including character development, improvisation, spatial relationships, and movement. Students will also explore some of the history of theater.


Advanced Acting

Students continue their development of acting techniques, character development and improvisational skills and also learn script analysis, basic play writing, staging, blocking, and other behind the scenes aspects of theater.



Students explore the history of puppetry around the world, practice puppetry techniques, and fabricate puppets in a variety of styles, methods, and materials. Student learn about improvisation, create scripted story lines, and perform for an audience. Styles of puppetry introduced includes hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, and also marionettes for advanced students.