Music Instruction


Music Ensembles

Concert Choir

A vocal ensemble of non-auditioned mixed voices.  The group will rehearse and perform pieces from various genres and styles. Students will be expected to perform at least twice per school year.

Small Band Ensemble

Instrumental ensemble that consists of instrumentation that ranges from wind, strings and percussion instruments. Prior experience and knowledge of specific instrument is preferred. Lessons for interested students can be arranged by first come first serve basis.


Rock Band

This auditioned group is an example of a “Garage band”. The band will rehearse and perform music ranging from rock, blues, folk, modern, and even original music. Students are encouraged to have their own equipment and/or instruments and a working knowledge of how to play. Students will engage in performances ranging from a rock concert, talent show and possibly school dances. Students will also learn about promoting their band, securing performances, and ensuring they follow through on their contract expectations.


Learning to Play


Classes are offered at three levels for guitar students. Beginners learn about posture, the anatomy of a guitar, tuning, finger dexterity exercises, and basic chords and strumming patterns. Intermediate students begin learning more complicated strumming patterns and chords, introducing barred chords and picking patterns. Advanced students practice scales, play in a group with lead and rhythm guitar roles, transpose songs, and write their own music.


Piano students attend group lessons and work from a method book with teacher oversight, developing reading skills, fingering techniques, and learning basic theory. Individual lessons may be available based on scheduling.



The percussion ensemble is also known as the Bucket Band! Percussion students have an emphasis on reading and playing rhythms accurately using appropriate posture and techniques. Students also explore hand percussion instruments and the drum set. 


Private Lessons

Private lessons (vocal or instrumental) may be arranged based on availability. 


Music & Technology

Audio-Visual Technology

In conjunction with the Technology Department, students will explore the realm of film-making. Topics covered will include music, camera technique, story-boarding, lighting, green screen, editing, etc.

Music Technology

Students learn and explore technology applications on computers and iPads to create original music and recordings. Students learn about the equipment, how to properly care for the equipment, and how to manage a recording project with peers.

Digital Songwriting

This course curriculum uses technology applications to create original instrumental and/or vocal music while learning basics of theory and song structure.


Practice Time

Practice space is available during the school day upon request and teacher approval. Independent practice time is encouraged for all Performing Arts students.