Between the rivers

The Learning Clinic has a history of reliance on experiential education since 1980. Students have opportunities to expand on their personal goals with regular access to a unique, challenging “wilderness” curriculum and applied experiences.

We enable students to demonstrate best forestry practices.  Oversight is from our forester and conservation experts who support our USDA standard. We study the practices that restore the ecology of our various forest and riparian river systems at our Maine Campus.

Students develop pre-harvest plans to protect lynx habitat while thinning for tree growth. Plant inventories are done for seasonal types to provide food sources for animals. Various researches are part of habitat protection for deer, moose, bear, turkey, partridge, and other animals as well.

Between the Rivers was honored by our county Soil and Conservation District as the 2015 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year. We follow the guidance of the departments of agriculture, conservation, and forestry to improve our stewardship and education programs.

Wilderness activities also provide recreation and enjoyment through canoes and kayaks, fishing and hiking, and exploring with map, compass, and camera. We plan trails through the wetlands, and construct tent sites. We paint, draw, and sing along with local artists.

Attach Drone video of the Between the Rivers property.