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Rolling Ridge prepares for COVID-19 – March 2020

The Learning Clinic
Rolling Ridge Country Day and Residential School
Brooklyn, Connecticut
March 6, 2020


Dear TLC Parents/Caregivers, LEAs, and Staff,


We want to keep you updated on the steps and actions we have taken related to the COVID-19 situation, as it unfolds. We are continuously monitoring and reviewing all information issued from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Although we have no occurrence of the novel Coronavirus on campus, we are taking steps to prepare staff students and settings for that possibility. Below we describe some of the steps we have initiated.

Ensuring the well-being and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is TLC’s top priority.


We have formed an internal committee of faculty and staff to discuss and recommend any strategies and actions related to the COVID-19 situation. We are currently reviewing and developing our online and distant learning options for our students and faculty. This committee will research and implement best practices while monitoring our progress.


The CDC and state and local health departments will continue to monitor the virus and share information with the public. Please refer to the CDC website at for all prevention information, current statistics, recommendations, and alerts.
We are working with our local school districts on contingency plans for ongoing, distant learning options for our students. Please know that we will consult with our referring school districts and the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) should there be a need or mandate to close school temporarily or otherwise abridge the school day.


Our maintenance team, faculty, and staff are performing regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces in our school and residential buildings. Our nurse, Heather, RN, has been conducting information and training sessions with our students, faculty, and staff on flu and COVID-19 prevention and proper sanitary and hygienic practices.
We value our community of diversity and acceptance at TLC and remain committed to ensuring an inclusive and safe environment. Any type of bigotry or xenophobia associated with COVID-19 will not be tolerated.


We are confident that we will conduct ourselves with the utmost respect and care for others.
Additionally, we will share ongoing information with you as we consider the scientific data from the CDC and recommendations or mandates from state and local health departments.


Your questions are always welcome.


Rob LeGary Jr., Ed.D., B.C.A.S.E.
Head of School

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